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5 January
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Hiya peeps. 20 something in univeristy (York U) - sociology major. HUGE Buffy fan and almost anythong Joss Whedon related and just a big TV fan in general. My tastes are pretty eclectic in alot of thinngs (TV, music, food, clothes etc)
Um I'm not too sure the direction this LJ will take...but we'll see. Just be full of things that get and/or keep my att'n. And I am incredibily tired most of the time and over worked and stressed...so updates may not be on the reg.
~ hollowtear for the loverly James Marster icon...
~ saava for the wonderful Buffy icons I now have (comfortably numb, old by 21, fallen angel, [animated]let it be) which may be seen in rotation...
~ pouty_giles for the kick arsse Scythe "Choose your weapon wisely" icon
~ schneefloeckli for the KICK worlcup06 icons